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Comparative Research  in  Himalayan & Keltic Traditional Healing   


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Fr. Robins SJ


William Rene Leon - CEO CAIRN EU-NGO

Dr. Barbara Raven Lee (PhD) - USA

Namgyal Rimpoche - Lopon Dudjom Gompa

Fr. B Robins SJ  - St- Xavier's) - St- Xaviers Social Services

Prof. Mike Singleton - UCL/ANSO/LAAP (BRU)

H. Middleton-Jones - DACE Swansea U



Ani Sharab Sangmo - Tsa-rLung  Yoga

Dr. Marco Paret - ISI/CNV Nice FR

John & Julie Switaj  Winnipeg U Canada

Amchi Tenzin Wangpo - Tibetan Medicine Seminars

Amchi Jampa - Kailash Tibetan Medicine

Prof. R.P. Gartoulla RECID/TU/IOM
















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     Welcome  to  CAIRN  Consortium (EU-NGO)


CAIRN Consortium  is a cultural immersion and communication gateway for traditional healing practitioners experiential training, development studies academic research, and postgraduate and doctorate student exchange, based in KTM Nepal.

CAIRN  is particularly proud of its 20 years daily experience with Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan NGOs, its reputed academic collaboration in Asia, Europe USA and Canada, as well as of the quality of its Supervision Board, Research Consultants and integrated Cultural Immersion & online learning infrastructure. 

It offers selected online courses and field-research resources focused on the Himalayan region current development priorities, as well as specializes into curriculum development in selected research niches, through practical and theoretical knowledge in building : Applied Psychology to Counselling, HRD/HRM Capacity Building, Humanitarian Intervention, Clinical Anthropology, Prospective Health Anthropology and Tibetan Traditional Healing Psychotherapy.

CAIRN Counselling Services provides advice and counselling on academic matters, including immigration advice and services, useful for Nepalese Mature Students (Postgraduate Personal Project Part-time Options) wishing to study in the EU, Canada or Wales UK. We support all students regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual preference or status. We operate CAIRN Education Counselling Services administration both by email and face-to-face Interviews appointments. We encourage all prospective students to kindly email us thereupon, at CAIRN EU-NGO HQ address: william_rene@hotmail.com

Advice is offered without discrimination. Our services operate according to the EU, UK and Canada Code of Ethics for those advising international students. Our International Student Advisory Service meets the strict rules and standards of the Immigration Services of Canada, USA, the UK, Belgium and EU Official Visa Sections (Consulates or Embassies) in Nepal.

CAIRN operates as a confidential Education Counselling Service for professional and personal project oriented coaching to any prospective student or trainee, from the start of your project’s first Biodata interview up to its final implementation. This serves the general purpose of both clearing the academic accreditation file and provide necessary International Students advisory board screening information to applicants, including on the difficult issues such as visas, file administration and e-learning support options.

Cairn Counselling Services (EU-NGO) is a personalized projects academic exchange program, with cultural immersion options, e-learning and communication gateway for Asian and Western postgraduate researchers and professional continuous education trainees (mature students). It offers an open menu of options of selected online courses and field-research resources, focused on the one side on Asian LDCs development priorities.

Cairn Academic Coaching  is offered one-on-one by appointment only. Cairn Euro-Asian Network increases opportunities for internships, field-research and online studies within an international dimension and selected international experts.

CAIRN Education Counselling Services (KTM Nepal, Canada, UK and Europe) offer an ideal starting place for candidates seeking pre-entry requirements for further training in both counselling and counselling psychology. Participants will learn about and practice advanced interpersonal and counselling skills; apply theory and techniques of counselling; gain an understanding of professional and ethical issues; and learn more about themselves. CAIRN also will give advice on immigration and study abroad.

Updated July15: New Synthesis / Conestoga &  Options 2011-12

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 International Students

Welcome to CAIRN Consortium (International Education Counseling Network)

Every year, Nepalese Youths and Adults in search of Adult Continuous Education (Skills Foundation Courses) contact our CAIRN Consortium (EU-NGO International Education Counseling Network) because of its reputation gathered since 20 years delivering social and educational services in the target site Bauddha KTM NP. Known for its high education professional ability and its dedication to elaborate suitable Curriculum Development Options fitting both with the needs and priorities of the target-site(s), as well as with the existing resources and options based abroad, the CAIRN educational counseling services ethics, expertise and commitment for helping local applicants to reach their personal professional and/or academic goals has been shared by many. The CAIRN Consortium Supervision Network, comprising lecturers, coordinators and professors in France, Belgium, UK, USA, Canada and several other countries, is well-recognized for the quality services for Nepalese applicants.

The CAIRN Consortium High Education Counselling Network is here to assist you with defining the best options and process for compatible Adult Continuous Education / Professional Skills Foundation Courses in Europe, UK and Canada. Please contact us at : <william_rene@hotmail.com> ! We would love to hear from you!

Work Off Campus while you study!

Eligible International Adult Students can work part-time, aside from the minimum 22 hours per week training and study, in/off the campus during their registered period.

The CAIRN programme options are accordingly of high value resource for immigrants already in the region, and whom may consider while in situ (pre-immigration) to process change of status from international students to permanent residence after gaining the local market niche useful skills suitable for applying job or further study.

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Programs Available

All new Programs Available 2011-12 are listed hereunder, divided into three levels:

• Accounting, Audit, and Information Technology (Bachelor of Applied Business) (Co-op)
• Architecture - Project and Facility Management (Bachelor of Applied Technology) (Co-op)
• Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design(Co-op)
• Bachelor of Applied Arts - Public Relations
• Community and Criminal Justice (Bachelor of Applied Human Services) (Co-op)
• Health Informatics Management (Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences) (Co-op)
• Integrated Telecommunication and Computer Technologies (Bachelor of Applied Technology) (Co-op)
• International Business Management (Bachelor of Applied Business) (Co-op)
• Mechanical Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Applied Technology) (Co-op)
• Advertising
• Architecture - Construction Engineering Technology
• Aviation - General Arts and Science
• Biotechnology Technician
• Broadcast - Radio
• Broadcast - Television 
• Business Administration – Accounting
• Business Administration - Financial Planning 
• Business - Insurance (Co-op)
• Business Administration - Management 
• Business Administration - Marketing
• Business Administration - Materials and Operations Management
• Business Foundations
• Business - Marketing
• Civil Engineering Technology
• Computer Engineering Technology
• Computer Programmer 
• Computer Programmer/Analyst
• Culinary Fundamentals
• Culinary Management (Co-op)
• Culinary Skills - Chef Training (Co-op)
• Design and Communications Fundamentals
• Early Childhood Education 
• Electrical Engineering Technician
• Electrical Engineering Technology
• Electronics Engineering Technician
• Electronics Engineering Technology - Telecommunications Systems
• Environmental - Civil Engineering Technology
• Fitness and Health Promotion
• General Arts and Science - Diploma Option 
• General Arts and Science - English Language Studies 
• General Arts and Science - One-Year
• General Business
• Health Science Foundations - General Arts & Science Health Option
• Hearing Instrument Specialist
• Hospitality and Tourism Management (Co-Op)
• Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op)
• Hospitality Operations - Food and Beverage
• Information Technology Support Services (Co-op) 
• Intensive English Language for Academic Studies
• Interior Decorating
• Journalism - Broadcast
• Journalism - Print
• Law and Security Administration
• Manufacturing Engineering Technology - Welding and Robotics
• Media and Communications Fundamentals
• Mechanical Engineering Technician - Automated Manufacturing(Co-op)
• Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automated Manufacturing (Co-Op)
• Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design and Analysis (Co-Op)
• Mechanical Engineering Technology - Robotics and Automation (Co-Op)
• Occupational Therapist Assistant / Physiotherapist Assistant
• Office Administration-Executive
• Office Administration-General 
• Personal Support Worker
• Practical Nursing
• Public Relations
• Recreation And Leisure Services
• Software Engineering Technician
• Software Engineering Technology
• Technology Foundations
• Visual Merchandising Arts
• Welding Engineering Technician
• Woodworking Technician
• Woodworking Technology (Co-op)
Post Graduate Program
• Applied Health Informatics (Post Graduate)(Co-op)
• Community and Social Service Management (Post-Graduate)
• Computer Applications Development (Post Graduate) (Co-op)
• Environmental Engineering Applications (Post-Graduate) (Co-op)
• Event Management (Post Graduate)
• Financial Planning Services (Post-Graduate)
• Global Business Management (Post Graduate)
• Human Resources Management (Post Graduate)
• Information Management for Health Care (Post Graduate) (Co-op)
• Integrated Marketing Communications (Post-Graduate)
• Media Sales (Post Graduate)
• New Media: Convergence (Electronic/Print Journalism) (Post-Graduate)
• Professional Accounting Practice (Post Graduate)
• Sports Photography and Videography (Post-Graduate)
• Teaching English as a Second Language (Post Graduate)
• Videography - Broadcast Journalism/Documentary (Post Graduate)

English Language Studies

 This program is designed for students whose first language is not English.

4-level certificate language skills program to prepare students for further studies at colleges/universities or further professional skills activities.

English Courses

Eligibility: Must be a landed immigrant, permanent resident or a convention refugee to Canada. Open. An in-house placement test OR a TOEFL or IELTS score determines your level. Start dates in September, January, May. For information, pls. contact us.


§     Programs Available

§     MoU Pedagogic Contract

§     The Study Permit / Temporary Resident Visa

Documents - Confirm that you meet the degree program admission requirements.

About the Program

Our four-level English Language Studies program focuses on the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills required for college/university studies. Students start at a level determined by scores on an in-house or internationally recognized English language test such as TOEFL or IELTS.

There is an increased academic focus at levels 3 and 4. Concurrent with English studies, students take post-secondary credit courses including Student Success for Higher Learning.

Program Facts

Length: 4-level College Certificate Program
Location: D

Start: September, January and May (Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4)

First-Year Capacity: 300
Tuition: Please refer to CAIRN for more detail
*Fees are higher for international students on a Student Visa.
*Recreation/Athletics, Graduation/Alumni, Insurance, as well as program-related costs such as books and supplies are additional.

Admission Requirements

    Secondary School Diploma, or equivalent, OR 19 years of age or older.

Admission Procedures

·    Complete and submit Application form.

·    Applicants to the program will be required to write the English Language Studies In-House Examination to determine placement in the correct level in the program OR submit test scores from internationally recognized English language tests for placement in the correct level in the program e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, TWE, MELAB, EIKEN.

·   An assessment of program suitability through an interview with program personnel may be required.

 This program is designed for students whose first language is not English.


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Prof. R.P. Gartoulla RECID/TU/IOM

Amchi Jampa Tibetan Med

   Tsa-rLung Ani Sherap Sangmo

Dr. Tsering MBBS PHC/TB

Amchi Tenzin Wangpo Tibetan Medicine Seminar


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