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CAIRN OTG Counselling Centers are situated in Bauddha Stupa KTM Nepal, London and Swansea Wales UK, Nice and Verdon S-France, UCL/LLN and Bruxelles Belgium, Spokane USA and Winnipeg Canada. New Centers are now being open in Sarnath Benares and Dehradun India, and in Lhasa/Nyalam Tibet TAR China (Sept2006)!


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Dudjom Tsa-rLung Lineage

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  Cairn  Strategic  Tsa-rLung  Coaching

Nine  Modular  Experiential  Programmes



Namgyal Rimpoche

Perceived and conceived in a world view which is linked with current Himalayan and Asian geo-political, social and educational prospective, the synthesis of tools being proposed will allow you to rediscover and understand yourself in the transmuting context of Asia, linking cross-cultural awareness experiential with teaching on the Subtle Energy level, and working with the emotions and representations linked to your enfolding destiny.

In this programme, you will encounter Tsa-rLung masters, lamas, nagpas, yogis, teachers and academic researchers, who are renown in helping people to gain more refined perceptions awareness, as well as attain success in their professional and personal lives

 The Tsa-rLung Yoga experiential seminars, to be given by Namgyal Rimpoche (Dudjom Gompa KTM), will comprise the detailed presentation of the philosophy, concepts and exercises related to the Preliminaries, Tumo, Tsa, Lung, Tigle and the related Healing and Rejuvenation Practices, as they are transmitted currently under the Dudjom lineage. They will incorporate deep breathing (Pranayama), cleansing, visualization and reference to the Dzogchen awareness. The Tibetan Tsa-rLung Yoga is a powerful tool to clear-up long-time psychosomatic blockage, as well as renew stamina, rejuvenate the body&mind and develop further spiritual skills. Above all, the  Body of Light practices will support the spontaneous arising of compassion.

The following Tsa-rLung Yoga Practice concepts are  relevant to participants in Europe, UK and USA:

1-       Presentation of  the  Dzogchen, Terma and Tsa-rLung Yoga, references from late Dudjom Rimpoche,

2-       The Dzogchen teachings from late Dudjom Rimpoche, publication and lineage transmission, idem...

3-       The Termas teachings from late Dudjom Rimpoche, idem…

4-       The Tsa-rLung Yoga current teachings,

5-       Basic concepts of : Tsa-, rLung, Tigle, Wang, Body of Light, Chakras, and other concepts…

6-       The subtle dimension of the Elements and Guru appearing from the radiance of the Tigle (Lights),

7-       The Five Pure Lights (Chakras), p08-11,

8-       Relations between Tsa-rLung Subtle Light and Dzogchen practices of (Cutting Through): Trekchod,

9-       Relations between  Tsa-rLung practices and Trulkhor Yoga, including breathing exercise,

10-   The Tantric (transmutation) approach to ones compassionate activity (Dorje Drolo),

11-   The experiential nature of the Path which reveals itself to you, ie: Guru Yoga is in the events…

12-   Guru Yoga,

13-   Purification Practices,

14-   La (soul), Yee (reflective aspect of mind, witness) and Sem (conceptual mind),

15-   Tse (Life-span length) and Tse (Life-force), Karma,

16-   Healing Practices, Hand energy healing direction,

17-   Dakinis Practices, …

18-   Protectors Practices, Dorje Drolo,

19-   Guru transmission : Wang, Lung, Visualization, Mantras,

20-   Chakras Psychology, Elements, Qualities, etc…

21-  open























































































Humanitarian   Assistance  Boddhanath Stupa - Safe Heaven " The  Island of Peace  Project "

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Bauddha Stupa Interfaith Peace Initiative
Academic online multimedia news and discussion on current events

" Boddhanath, Island of Peace"

Postgraduate in Comparative Keltic-Tibetan Traditional Healing, Psycho-Energotherapy  and  Tsa-rLung Philosophy Counselling!  



Welcome to the  Orgyen Tenzin Gyaltsen Center ! 
(OTG Arts&Therapy)

The new  Orgyen Tenzin Gyaltsen (OTG) portal is an informative and educational website dedicated to the comparative study of the Keltic and Tibetan Traditional Healing Heritage. The curriculum is divided in three main components: the Comparative Study of the Keltic European and Tibetan Traditional Healing, the philosophy and yoga related to the Tsa-rLung Psycho-energy Healing in comparison to Kundalini Yoga, Ajna Yoga, QiQong, TaiChi, Reiki and other local Ayurved heritages, as well as a practical focus on Development Counselling and Applied Psychology tools for Humanitarian Assistance Intervention, answering Nepal target-community needs in terms of HRD, ICT- and Crisis Remediation logistics, knowledge and practices.

Today, Tibetan Dharma is now firmly established in the Western World, with many Tibetan Centers in France, UK and USA. Tibetan Medicine has also slowly become accepted, but due to the huge difference in beliefs, cultural attitudes and expectation, as well as in teaching methodology and health praxis legislation, many misunderstandings have arisen, which after more than 30 years of a continuous development, now do appear to find some echo in a few cross-culturally experienced Tibetan and Western scholars or researchers seeking for a more ethical synthesis.

While obviously the transmission of such an hermeneutic and profound knowledge has been an increasing difficult task for the Tibetan masters who exported it to the West since the early 70s, most of the time the confused attitude of Western Dharma followers has not been of much help either. Nowadays still, one can easily encounter European Sanghas being deeply immerged in a rather naive and hopeful misrepresentation of what Tibetan Dharma Diaspora can effectively bring them (or not), including the geo-political equation of Western powers which sponsored the Tibetan migration biography, since early 1950s and before.

While Dharma proclaims it is working for Peace, Awareness, Harmony and Wisdom for All Sentient Beings, it is nonetheless still entertaining for Western consumptions a wrong expectation on the current political and cultural linked to the enfolding realities in the Himalayan region, which while duly induced by the Western Dharma own political agenda, itself ignoring the historical roots of its own motivation and collective psyche, leads to the equation of Tibetan/Chinese versus Westerners Dharma towards more misunderstanding, frustration and worse, in a spiritual development area that could very well do without it...

In today's multicultural and interrelated society, it is crucial that we find ways to foster more awareness, knowledge and respect for diverse worldviews of religion and culture. In the OTG Comparative Study of Traditional Healing, researchers, practitioners and students can study several of the world's major healing traditions. They will examine the philosophy sacred texts and writings, rituals, archetypes and artifacts, as well as healing practices and disciplines, within their socio-cultural and geopolitical context. Language study and research methods will complete the curriculum. The program is distinctive in its recognition that spiritual discovery and practice are indispensable adjuncts to academic study. In addition to having access to experts coaching from established faculties, students can partake in experiential field-studies, workshops and trainings with the many teachers in Tibetan and Keltic traditions in the OTG Network based in Nepal, India, Tibet TAR China, Wales, South of France, Belgium, Italy and Canada.

The new (OTG) Orgyen Tenzin Gyaltsen Online Training Center wants to promote, in an open and integrated manner, the comparative study and rejuvenation of the core healing practices to be found in both the Keltic European and Tibetan Healing Heritages, using a panel of recognized healing practitioners, Yogis, Lamas and scholars, in a continuous effort to search remedial to errors or unclear information which still may exist.

Therefore, your opinion, criticism and suggestions, as well as your concern and support, are most welcome! Please do contact us!


Cairn specializes in organizing Cultural Immersion  Experiential Tours & Study in a comparative approach of the Celtic and Tibetan Shamanic Traditions, with a dedicated focus on the Tsa-rLung "Body of Light" Healing and Embodiment, as well as on Keltic and Himalayan Faith Healers roots practices and rituals. 

A professional experiential training program, CAIRN Tsa-rLung Coaching is a individual tailored training programme for retrieving the perception, consciousness and energy of the subtle "Body of Light". Based on an experiential journey in selected Himalayan and European power-places, of minumum three weeks to maximum three months each, this program introduces and teaches Tibetan Arts, Music and Mantras, Tsa-rLung Healing Yogas, Spiritual Light Tigle visualization, Vajrayana archetypes, Keltic Christendom spiritual embodiment, and Himalayan traditional medicines. It also explains how to create space for personal protection and cleansing, and how to promote high ethics and integrity in healing practices. The tools being learned will bring more Balance and Rejuvenation to your body, mind and soul. The program options will also show you most wonderful places, artifacts and people. 

This programme may lead to a EU-/ETCS Postgraduate certification in Tsa-rLung Healing Yogas and Energo/Psychotherapy practices, for those interested. Personal tailored programme can be either very academic research, or a very direct path to Real Life, as you may choose…


CAIRN Coaching areas of focus includes the following:

  • Confidence rejuvenation
  • Career strategic counselling 
  • Fostering Synergy relationships
  • Trans-cultural communication skills
  • Perception of the Body of Light energy
  • Dream yoga and transmutation achievements
  • Tsa-rLung Healing & Divination with Elements practices
  • Getting to know what you really want in life through Catharsis.


How is it practiced?
Coaching can be conducted through a number of mediums - here are the most popular:

  • Sessions in person
  • Sessions on the telephone
  • Sessions using video-cam or email
  • Group experiential coaching sessions on site
  • Group coaching through videostreaming (e-teleclass)


During each coaching session the coach and the client will discuss and explore the clients' journey including their goals, wins, challenges, and opportunities, as well as develop their fieldwork for the coming weeks. Fieldwork consists of action steps to move the client closer toward his or her goals and dreams. The client brings the agenda and the coach brings the coaching skills to create a partnership that moves the client forward.

CAIRN fully abides to the basic principles of Spiritual Coaching. During your journey, we will share and seek with you, through a non directive Quest how to best approach the established wisdom and teachings of  late Tarab Tulku Rimpoche, H.H. Dudjom Rimpoche, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse, as well as of masters and yogis still well alive today, so as to create and nurture with you a new path to the Body of Light Awareness, Rejuvenation and Wisdom.




Keltic Christendom  and  Tibetan Healing Vajrayana Traditions : An Interfaith Peace-Zone Education Initiative ”




CAIRN Consortium:  Creation of OTG Tibetan Tsa-rLung Philosophy and Applied Psychology / One Year EU- Postgraduate Certificate.

The new CAIRN Orgyen Tenzin Gyaltsen (OTG) Tsa-rLung Healing Yogas Philosophy and Applied Psychology EU- Certificate is based upon the synthesis of previously organized postgraduate options in HRD, Applied Psychology, Counselling, Crisis Prevention and other upgraded European Curricula in Organization Management and Humanitarian Assistance. The ongoing peace initiatives in Nepal, have led us to seek for a practical synthesis of the traditional non-violent Dharma philosophy, inclusive of   the comparative study of the European and Tibetan Traditional Healing Philosophy, with the upgrading of skills in terms of more modern tools.

The Tsa-rLung roots practice, so called: Tsa-rLung-‘khrul’khor-gyi-bcos-thabs, is a yogic tantric tradition of ancient Tibetan and Indian Buddhist masters since more than 2500 years. It can be easily compared with similar TaiChi, QiQong and Reiki practices. Nowadays the Tsa-rLung tradition is still practiced by Tibetan Nagpas and Amchis. They cure the people by giving love, compassion, spiritual energy, tantric and mantric power. They transfer positive energy through their hands by touch and restore the body/mind unbalances. The Tsa-rLung  practice entirely belongs to the Buddhist teaching and practice concepts.

The proper flow of the energy through the body channels (Tsa) brings the cause of a good health and prolongs life. It helps to avoid the toxin accumulation in the channels which blocks the channels and heart functions of the body/mind. The Tsa-rLung therapy practitioners learn the art of holistic healing and the deep nature of the human body/mind systems by knowing the structure of the traditional psycho-physical nature and its functions. One who understands the method may become able to regulate these complex systems. Certain subjects are beyond the human knowledge and can only be experienced by meditation and practice.

Tsa-rLung practice starts with the knowledge on Tsa, ‘channels‘, and how to use the wind power through yogic practice. The concentration, meditation and visualization as well as love and compassion motivation are this tradition's way of practice.

EU Component : Curriculum Development in Tsa-rLung Coaching

Area(s) : Cross-cultural Awareness Cultural Immersion Training Modules, Tibetan Philosophy, Tibetan Medicine, Tibetan Dzogchen, European Christendom Ancient Philosophy, Applied Psychology, counselling, Technical English Foundation, ECDL, International Relations, Social/Health Anthropology, (Post-) Prospective Development Studies, Humanitarian Assistance, Crisis Prevention, Ethno-medicine and Psychology (Himalayan Tibetan Medicine Psychotherapy), ITC, HRD,

Lead Applicant: CAIRN/SXC Nepal (RWL © 2004-06)

Partners : (SXC, NIHS, CIHTS, UCL, H@W, Tarab Inst, Sarnath... ) 

Project Location : Nepal (Bauddha Stupa), Verdon Powerplace France, Belgium UCL/LAAP, UWS/CAIRN Wales United Kingdom, more...


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Introduction Seminar & Retreat
Registration for this workshop will begin in September 2006. Please go to the CAIRN Tsa-rLung Seminars Webpage to look for upcoming workshops organization dates and locations in London (UK), Bruxelles (Be), Nice (Fr), Genoa (It) and/or Canada.
Certified CAIRN ECTS/ECDL postgraduate / continuous adult education credits
Fieldwork: from October 15 to November 15, 2006 (Nepal, India, Tibet TAR China)
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Tuition: Euro250, $300, £175 (does not include accommodations or commuter fee)
CAIRN Member Tuition: Euro200, $275, £150

Tsa-rLung  Psycho~Energotherapy

Introduction to the Nyingmapa Tsa-rLung Healing & Rejuvenation Yoga Tradition

William R LEON (PhD, MA Psy, MA Pol-eco-soc)

William R Leon is the founder CEO of the CAIRN Consortium Online High Education Exchange EU-NGO affiliated with SXC KTM, NIHS in KTM, CIHTS India, UCL/POLS/ANSO/LAAP in UCL/LLN Belgium, UKPS London UK, UWS London UK, ISI-CNV and Nice U Anthropology Unit in Nice Fr, Genoa U It, and other research partners in Asia, EU, Canada and USA. He is a senior collaborator of the late Tarab Tulku Rimpoche for the Tibetan Psychology Seminars organization (ITAS/ATB 1980-88), as well as a next-door friend of late Khyentse Rimpoche (Shechen), Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche (Bonpo), Lopon Orgyen Tenzin Namgyal (Dudjom) and other Nagpas Lamas in both the Nyingma, Geluk and Bon traditions. Acting as Director & International Coordinator for CAIRN, he also provides online or face to face personal sessions in Rehabilitation, Vocational and Educational Counselling, this on request (please email). Based upon a 35 years relation with Tibetan and Tantric Yoga Masters, as well as a 25 years daily work with selected NGOs/HEIs in the target-site Bouddhanath Stupa and KTM valley Nepal, his motivation are to promote better awareness and understanding for the prospective relations between Nepalese, Tibetans and Westerners, as well as therefore to promote the upgraded use of insights and selected tools for Energotherapy and Rejuvenation generated from the Tsa-rLung practices, Ajna Kundalini Yogas, Tarab Ladrang, Zeberio Energotherapy and other Healing Traditions. He is vigorously involved in research using Energy Scanning and Archetypal visualization for psychotherapy patients. 


Dudjom  Tsa-rlung Practices  Research & Training e-Center  (OTG)

Namgyal Rimpoche (*)  Tsa-rLung Trul Khor Seminar


Namgyal Rimpoche: Introduction Seminar  to the Nyingma Tsa-rLung Healing and Tibetan Trul Khor Yoga Rejuvenation Practices  (as transmitted under Dudjom Lineage)  will be organized in France, Italy, UK- and Belgium, in 2006-07.

This Nyingmapa Tsa-rLung Yoga experiential seminars given by Namgyal Rimpoche (Dudjom Gompa KTM), will comprise the detailed presentation of the philosophy, concepts and exercises related to the Preliminaries, Tumo, Tsa, Lung, Tigle and the related Healing and Rejuvenation Practices, as they are transmitted currently under the Dudjom lineage. They incorporate deep breathing (Pranayama), cleansing, visualization and reference to the Dzogchen awareness. The Tibetan Tsa-rLung Yoga is a powerful tool to clear-up long-time psychosomatic blockage, as well as renew stamina, rejuvenate the body&mind and develop further spiritual skills. Above all, the  Body of Light practices will support the spontaneous arising of compassion.

Depending upon the sites chosen (Belgium, France, Germany and/or Wales UK), these seminars  will be organized in two or three parts: 

Part 1- Introduction to the Concepts & Practices, evening Conference(s).

Part 2- Tsa-rLung Experiential Seminar, being either one or two days indepth for the exploration of the Body of Light concepts: subtle channels (Tsa),  breathing (Lung) and visualization of the Subtle Body Light (Tigle). These will be presented along with the major Vajrayana Tantra concepts, including relations with the Guru Yoga, Protectors, Dakinis, Yidam and above all working with the energy of  the Five Elements.

Part 3- This Tsa-rLung Yoga Retreat will be of a duration from 5 to 7 days, organized in a selected power-place (Tibetan Center) in S-of-France ...

The conference, experiential seminar and retreat are presently discussed and may start to be organized onwards from October 2005, with selected partners in France, Germany, Italy, UK- and Belgium. They are foreseen to be undertaken during the mid-spring 2006, based upon each site promotion/registration results.

Depending upon each site organization, they may be linked with Dharma Traditional Events, such as a Dorje Drolo Puja and Dance, or Teachings from Dudjom Rimpoche heritage regarding the Dudjom Terma Tradition (*).

Please do not hesitate to contact CAIRN Consortium, for further details at email(s):  and/or

The Tsa-rLung Trul-Khor Yoga may be roughly translated from the Tibetan as "the magical movements, channels, and vital breath". It is a distinctive Tibetan practice of yoga that incorporates breath, awareness, visualization, archetypes embodiment and physical movement. It can clear long-held blocks in the practitioner's body, energy, and mind. Tsa Lung Trul Khor also supports the spontaneous arising of compassion and awareness during everyday life.

This seminar will be linked to a retreat, as one option to provide more in-depth contextual exploration of the energetic dimension that is composed of the body's subtle channels (tsa), the vital breath (lung, or prana or qi) that circulates through them, and the subtler aspects of the mind (tigle), along with their correlation with archetypes and five elements transmutation (earth, water, fire, air, and space).

The retreat is open to anyone—no meditation or yoga experience is needed—but suitable clear motivation as the prerequisite course to Tsa Lung Healing Yogas training offered by CAIRN at the UKPS London, or at other affiliated institutes.

The conferences, experiential seminars and the retreat will tentatively be organized from December 2005 with partners in France, Germany, Italy, UK- and Belgium, to be undertaken during mid-spring 2006, based upon each site registration result.

Please do not hesitate to contact CAIRN Consortium, for further details at email(s):  and/or

Please note: Courses abstract available. Recommended reading: Tarab Tulku: Unity in Duality, Trungpa : Spiritual Materialism and Celtic Buddhism, Dudjom : Dzogchen, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Healing With Form, Energy, and Light... 

For more details, please click here!

What Our Price Includes: Price above is for tuition only. See the CAIRN webpage hereabove for
accommodations for housing/commuter information and fees.

Arrival/Departure Information:  please email us, as further information will be given in your confirmation letter in due time.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any program at any time. Our workshops are educational experiences, and are not to be mistaken for long-term therapy or cure. Some people may find some programs to be too psychologically or physically challenging. We recommend that in case of any doubt, a trusted and experienced Dharma counselor be consulted. RWL

Dedicated to the Prospectives in Music, Art&Therapy and Traditional Healing


CAIRN Anchor : RWL

Namgyal  Rimpoche (*)

Tibetan Medicine Online


CAIRN Student Exchange

Professional  Thesis

Tibetan  e-Psychology



(*):  Orgyen Tenzin Namgyal Rimpoche  is the Co-founder with RWL of Orgyen Tenzin    Gyaltsen Tsa-rLung Psychology & Energotherapy R&D e-Center, based in Boudhanath Stupa, KTM


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