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William R Leon CAIRN CEO


Cairn " Center for Advanced Integrated Research in Nepal"  is a E-NGO (Non- Profit High Education and Counselling 
Training Provider ),  being affiliated with  the St- Xavier's Social Service Center (SXSSC) and  St- Xavier's Campus 
(SXC) in KTM/Nepal,  the UWS/CDS (Swansea University of Wales / Center for Development Studies) in Wales /UK,
the UCL ANSO/LAAP (Anthropologie Prospective Unit at the UCL/LLN in Belgium), the UCL/FOPES (Adult Education)
at UCL/LLN),  the ISI-CNV NLP3 Institute (Professional Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Training in Nice/France), 
as well as network with selected local NGOs,  INGOs, and various Tibetan and Himalayan Traditional Social/Health 
Care Units based in Nepal, India, Canada, USA and the EU-. CAIRN Counselling Center is based in Bodhanath/KTM.
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